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By Pro Makeup Artist Christopher Drummond

The Ultimate
Eyebrow Pallete

Tint, tweezers, brush and go!
Get Growing

Grow Eyebrows
with natures power

Incredibly effective in conditioning the brows, and also helping them to grow fuller, thicker and longer.

Christopher is the Picasso of eyebrows..

Jessica W.

Your tutorials and products have helped me to get my brows in changed my life!!!

Kim S.

You keep everything so simple, and I love the Superfruit Brow Serum!  Amazing!!!!!

Nora E.
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There is a right way and a wrong way.
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Stay Put
Eyebrow Pomade
Enhance, hold, sculpt and define eyebrows to perfection. With this amazing product.
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It's Draw Time
Dynamic brow Pen
A pen with a calligraphy tip on one end and brush on the other to create tailor-made strokes from thin to wide for definitive eyebrows.
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Brow fix brow gel
Add color & dimension to your brows with our long lasting water resistant organic formula.
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