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NYC celebrity makeup artist Christopher Drummond has handpicked and researched  all of our vegan and non-toxic ingredients, approving only those that meet his high standards of quality, effectiveness and Eco-consciousness, to meet the needs of every woman.  We specialize in cosmetics for all skintones and skin types. 

Stay Put
Eyebrow Pomade
Enhance, hold, sculpt and define eyebrows to perfection. With this amazing product.
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Yep, you need this
The ultimate brow trio
Create the best eyebrows in the world using this simple kit. Read the professional instructions from Christopher!
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It's Draw Time
Dynamic brow Pen
A pen with a calligraphy tip on one end and brush on the other to create tailor-made strokes from thin to wide for definitive eyebrows.
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Simple & Easy
Brow fix brow gel
Add color & dimension to your brows with our long lasting water resistant organic formula.
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Beauty with a cause
"Give what you can, when you can." With every product sold, we donate to a viable charity. We believe in giving back, and continuing to grow and spread prosperity to others.
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