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Cosmetic Ingredients: cutting through the crap
DOES THE EU HAVE MORE STRICT REGULATIONS ON COSMETICS THAN THE US? If you believe Gwyneth Paltro and her Goop fear-mongering site, you would think some creams have antifreeze and WD-40 in them.  While this clearly isn’t true, many people...
Do You Know What’s in Your Make-Up?
CDBeauty NYC by christopher Drummond specializes in professional cosmetics that are Vegan and cruelty free.
Stretch Mark Camouflage with Micropigmentation
Micropigmentation for stretch mark camouflage and scar revision in NYC b Christopher Drummond at PFRANKMD
Are Clean cosmetics really “clean?”
Clean, green products promising “non-toxic” ingredients free from “chemicals” are all over the place right now. Bombarding us with claims that our current skincare is no good, these trending beauty essentials often exploit our belief that natural always means better.

Guide to shopping Vegan Cosmetics
How to find a vegan/cruelty-free makeup line for your spa or medspa
Animal Ingredients to Avoid in Cosmetics-Beauty Vegan
PETA’s list of animal-derived ingredients and their alternatives is here to help you avoid animal ingredients in food, cosmetics, and other products. Keep in mind that this list is not all-inclusive. There are thousands of technical and patented names for ingredient variations. Many ingredients known by one name can be.
We’re Cruelty Free/Vegan! What Does That Mean???? As pretty much anyone can attest to, veganism is the new focus in beauty.  It’s become hip (for good reason) in the past few years, resulting in a rise in vegan skincare and makeup offerings, of course,...
All you Need to Know About Sunscreen

An SPF15 blocks 95% of UVB rays and provides all the protection you need. Although we assume doubling the SPF doubles the protection, an SPF30 only increases protection by 2%, but requires twice the concentration of active sunscreen ingredients. Doubling the SPF from 50 to 100 only increases protection by 1%, but requires seven times the amount of active sunscreen ingredients.

The Best Eyebrow Products-how to find the right brow product for you
here are the best eyebrow products you can buy by Christopher Drummond
Understanding the Role of Cyclopentasiloxane & Dimethicone Silicones in Cosmetics
Should you use cosmetics that have silicones and dimethicone? Is Silicone safe? In recent years there has been a definite increase in consumers interested in what’s in their cosmetics products. With a highlight on health, wellness, and green beauty, it’s...
Finding Your Brow Shape
Face shape is just one factor that goes into choosing the right brow shape. Each person’s individual facial features and brow bone structure will help to define the perfect brow shape, rather than just face shape alone
What is Fungal acne?
SkinCarisma is a great resource to find sources of fungal acne ingredients   HOW DO I KNOW IF I SUFFER FROM ACNE CAUSED FROM FUNGAL BACTERIA??? Have you ever had a breakout that wouldn’t go away for weeks, maybe even...
Safe Cosmetics Guidelines: What You Need to Know

Ok in case you ever wondered, “What are the regulations/criteria for cosmetic labels and safety warnings?” This is for you!

Please keep in mind that this list of Criteria for cosmetics labels is suggested and “good practice” for cosmetic companies—it is not required.  However, any quality cosmetic company, and any cosmetic company that is about your safety and about integrity and transparency, will follow these golden rules.

What are PFAS Chemicals, and how to avoid them
perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl prior to this week when leaked Food and Drug Administration documents revealed that both had been detected in foods like meat, dairy, poultry and even store-bought chocolate cake.

Known as PFAS, these chemicals are found in items like food packaging, non-stick cookware and firefighter foam, and when found in concentrations, exposure to the substances is linked to testicular and kidney cancer, thyroid disease and high cholesterol.

What is Eco-Friendly Makeup
 How to find quality Eco-Friendly makeup Eco-friendly makeup, is makeup that is manufactured by companies that choose an environmentally friendly approach when making, packaging and selling their products. This makeup aims to reduce waste, remain sustainable and ensure that the...
How to Find the Best Vegan Makeup: CDBeauty Cosmetics by Christopher Drummond
vegan, eco-friendly, non-toxic makeup and cosmetics by CDBeauty by Christopher Drummond.  The best vegan eyebrow makeup.  100% vegan and cruelty free, sustainable makeup
Getting an Eyebrow Transplant vs. microblading
Eyebrow transplant on actress Meagan Good: how does it work.  Eyebrow transplant and microblading
Phthalates: what you need to know about the chemicals in cosmetics

Phthalates are a group of chemicals most commonly used to make plastic more flexible and harder to break. Most exposure to phthalates come from eating and drinking food that has absorbed the chemicals. They also act as a binding agent or a solvent. Also known as plasticizers, they are found in a wide range of products and were first introduced in the 1920s as an additive in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and some healthcare products, such as insect repellent.  They are also used in many food products

Uncovering Safe Cosmetics: Organic vs. Synthetic ingredients—“The Dose Makes the Poison”
Cosmetic ingredient safety: are cosmetics that have synthetic ingredients vs. organic/“natural” ingredients truly different when it comes to safety?  Here are my tips when deciding on organic cosmetic ingredients vs. synthetic cosmetic ingredients.  By Christopher Drummond
How to Get Thicker Brows in 8 EASY Steps

How to fill in your eyebrows in 8 easy steps with three eyebrow products


What is 'Clean Beauty'??
To us, Clean Beauty is defined by products that are mindfully created and produced without any proven or suspected toxic ingredients. Clean Beauty products include ingredients ethically sourced and are made with the health of our bodies and the environment...