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All over the world, animals are being used to test products like lipstick? These products have harmful chemicals, which are tested on the bare skin of animals to deem useful for human usage.

Q: Which animals are used for cosmetics testing?

A: Approximately 100,000-200,000 animals die in the process of testing cosmetics worldwide annually. Rabbits, rats, mice, guinea pigs, etc., are commonly used for such testing.

Q: What tests are carried out on animals for cosmetics?

Usually, animal tests for cosmetics compose rubbing chemicals onto the bare skin or eyes of the animals; recurring force-feeding of harmful chemicals to the animals; These tests can cause a lot of suffering, like blindness, swollen eyes, sore bleeding skin, internal bleeding, and organ damage, birth defects, convulsions, and death. The animals are not provided pain relief afterward- they are killed.

Animal Ingredients to avoid in cosmetics

Q: Why do companies still go for animal testing unnecessarily?

A: Companies go for animal testing because they want to test 'new' ingredients, and such ingredients do not have existing safety data.

Developing non-animal tests require time, and it is not given much importance to developing sooner. Also, non-animal testing options are not available for every cosmetic ingredient currently.

Regulators who approve cosmetics for usage delay approving a product if the manufacturer provides safety data based on unfamiliar non-animal test methods. 

Q: Do animal tests have scientific limitations?

A:  Animal tests have scientific limitations because the reaction to different chemicals varies across species, and sometimes the impact on human skin is over-estimated. 

Q: Are there alternatives to animal testing?

A: Cosmetic companies can produce new, safe and amazing products while going the cruelty-free way of testing the products.


  • Using many available ingredients with safety data records (animal tested or otherwise) to make new products.
  • Using the 40+ non-animal testing procedures polished by the latest scientific technologies to create new variants of old cosmetic formulations or new products altogether.

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