My Review: The Ultrasonic Skin Spatula (Skin Scrubber)

Non-paid review of the Ultrasonic Skin Spatula
by Christopher Drummond, Licensed Medical Esthetician

Originally published on YouTube

In my professional opinion, The Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber is a great skincare device for exfoliation, acne, blackhead extraction, and general skin cleansing. It is a good price point, and is similar to the type we use in the spa. It’s great for sensitive skin too. See my tutorial here.

Amazon Skin Scrubber

I have been a licensed esthetician in New York and Miami for over 15 years, and this is one of my “go-to” devices for all skin Types from severe cystic acne to extremely sensitized skin, the ultrasonic skin device not only exfoliates, but has a setting to help product absorb better in the skin, so you get greater effects with your skin care.

Product penetration is important for skincare products, which is why I recommend some type of ultrasonic device at home (along with the nuface and the LED light for aging and acne)……. The ski. Scrubber really works, and is quick and easy, and a great price!

Also, you can get it for a great price. I honestly don’t notice a difference in how the skin scrubbers on Amazon works compared to the $2000 professional ultrasonic skin scrubber I have in my studio in New York.Some pro tools are way better than store bought; however, I don’t find this to be true with the skin Scrubber. What do you think??? here is my recommendation for skin spatula from Amazon. ( I get a small referral fee, but I honestly believe in this product)

For all of you who love to exfoliate…this is the ultimate!!!! The Skin Scrubber, also known as an Ultrasonic Skin Spatula by Esthetician’s. We have used this device for years, and it’s finally caught up in popular culture.
Another Amazon recommendation:

My original Post:
Hi Everyone!
I have to be honest…I don’t like the Clarisonic skin brush. It is marketed totally wrong, leading people to believe you can use it 1-2 times a day WRONG!!!!!! This will over-stimulate your skin if you are oily/acne prone!!!! This is made with Ultrasonic technology, which goes deeper into the skin than a regular wash cloth—-(Um….does anyone even use those anymore?!?!)

If the Clarisonic Skin Brush did't work for your skin, this is a great alternative, a skin scrubber (also called a skin spatula). It is a great way to safely exfoliate and extract blackheads safely.
I LOVE this device!!!!

The device in the video is from Labelle (Amazon), however, I believe their “new price” is really expensive ($149!!!) You can get a decent skin Scrubber (ultrasonic skin spatula) for under $30!!! While this isn’t the same as a pro skin device, it does a great job for the home DIY’er. I always say you shouldn’t spend more than $50 for a general DIY skin device.

Skin Scrubber Tip: as with all devices and products, don’t over do it. You only need to exfoliate once a week (maybe twice, if you have very clogged skin)….

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