The Best Eyebrow Products-how to find the right brow product for you

 Best Eyebrow Products

HOW TO GET "THE WORLD'S BEST BROWS" By Christopher Drummond

All brow grooming products are not created equal, though it may appear that way on the surface. That makes the search even more confusing. How do you choose between all the eyebrow gels, tints, pomades, and powders on the market?

You could go through the trial-and-error of testing countless options until you find your perfect match - or you could read on for three foolproof eyebrow product picks we recommend.

1. The Best Eyebrow Products - Ultimate Brow Kit

best eyebrow products

Whether you're shooting for the blocked, sharpened look of Instagram brows or something more subtle, CD Beauty Ultimate Brow Kit is a great option. The miniature two-pan palette comes with both an organic brow powder and an organic brow pomade to help you customize to the level of definition and thickness you desire.

A lot of brow pomades feel stiff and heavy, but this wax/gel mixture is flexible and lightweight. If you accidentally apply too much you can smooth it out by running a dry spoolie through your brows. In fact, we recommend doing this anyway whenever you apply a brow product with a brush to blend everything together and give a softer, more natural finish.

If you have bushy brows you may want to top this product off with a tinted or clear gel, but otherwise the pomade should be enough to hold the hair in place for all day. Ultimate Brow Duo Kit comes in three shades: Blonde, Medium and Dark. The pomade and powder are two slightly different colors, which keeps your brows from looking one-dimensional.

This product is a favorite of beauty editors and celebrities 

"The wax mixed with the powder creates a very natural look and has incredible staying power. It took me years to find my soulmate eyebrow product, and this is it! Highly recommend," says one reviewer About our organic Brow Duo.

 2. The Best Eyebrow Products - Ultimate Brow Fix. 

Ultimate brow fix building Gel by CD Beauty Cosmetics

this is a totally no-frills, one-step item that adds basically zero time to your makeup routine but yields big results. Inside the black lacquer tube is an itty bitty rounded wand that grips every single hair - even the ones so small you didn't know they were there - coating each one with a creamy gel formula containing carnauba wax, oleic acid, and lecithin.

This is the only gel you'll find that tints and thickens your brows while keeping them soft to the touch so it's not obvious that you're wearing makeup. It comes in Brown, Black, Blond, and Clear, so there's truly a Brow Fix for everyone.

Beauty experts can't get enough of Ultimate Brow Fix by CD Beauty Cosmetics!

3. The Best Eyebrow Products - Skinny Brow Pencil. Skinny Brow Pencil for THE WORLD'S BEST BROWS

It's the super-fine tip on this skinny hairstrokes brow pencil that makes it a go-to for virtually every makeup artist and beauty vlogger.  Developed by Christopher Drummond to help shape brows for Microblading.  When drawn on in faint, tiny strokes, this pencil, which comes in 3 shades, replicates the look of actual brow hairs, so no one will even know your brows were are in.  Or, you can simply fill in your brows quickly and easily.

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