The Best Natural Brow Growth Serum

natural brow growth serum

Superfruit Brow Serum was created by esthetician, pro brow and microblading artist Christopher Drummond. Our new Organic Eyebrow Growth SERUM has everything you need: Healing, skin-firming ingredients that help grow longer, thicker brows.  See results in two weeks.  Full results in 60 days!

Our scientifically proven formula treats your brows differently than other brow products.  Our formula is about delivering power-packed phytoplankton, superfruits, extracts, antioxidants and nutrients to the hair and skin of the brows, to create the optimum results.

The Natural Brow Growth Serum

You probably never thought your brows needed some of the same anti-aging ingredients used in skincare, but they do!  The skin that holds your brow is just as unpretentious add the hair itself!  So we take the approach that you need to start at the root of you want healthier brows!

Your brows need more than castor oil to grow strong and healthy.  In our research, we found the perfect cocktail of natural plant oils, seeds and extracts that work fast and efficiently.  By focusing on the hair shafts, hair follicle and the skin itself, you'll have stronger, fuller looking brow hair in two weeks, when used as directed.

We have been working with skin and brows for over 20 years, and we know one thing, for sure: the brows are overlooked when it comes to treatment.  They are plucked, pulled, stripped of oils, dried out and bombarded with unhealthy chemicals.  Think of it...when is the last time you said, "I need to pamper my brows today".

We all put masks, hair treatment oils, conditioners and nutrients on our heads....why not do the same thing to our brows?  There are treatments that give nutrition to the scalp, but we never think of the skin under our brows....why?

Our organic Brow Growth SERUM will help.  By treating bother your brow hair and the skin underneath, you are creating a healthy environment for growth, naturally.

It's like fertilizing your lawn...if you provide nutrient-rich soil, you'll have a thick, rich beautiful lawn.  The same applies to your brows!

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