What is Eco-Friendly Makeup

 How to find quality Eco-Friendly makeup

Eco-friendly makeup, is makeup that is manufactured by companies that choose an environmentally friendly approach when making, packaging and selling their products. This makeup aims to reduce waste, remain sustainable and ensure that the well-being of the planet is in mind when being sold to the world.


• Recyclable containers. Makeup brands that are eco-friendly will package their products in 100% recyclable containers. CDBeauty Cosmetics uses recyclable Containers, but we don't stop there.  In fact, if you send us your used cosmetics containers (from any brand), we will recycle them, and give you a 15% discount on your purchase.

• Refillable containers. Eco-friendly brands will ensure that their makeup has refillable containers that you can reuse instead of constantly throwing away the old ones and buying new ones. CDBeauty Cosmetics utilizes refillable containers for our shadow and brow powders.  Our website even gives you a step by step process on how to refill the makeup you purchase.

• Cruelty free. Companies that do not test their products on animals are labeled cruelty free. There are many companies that identify what cruelty free is, but their main purpose is to identify companies that do not use animals to test their products.

• Sustaonable packaging products. Eco-friendly makeup brands will usually avoid plastic composition of their products and go a more natural route. 


• Organic. Makeup that is organic is made from natural, non-chemical ingredients. It avoids preservatives, parabens and most chemicals.  They are usually antitoxins and avoid and toxic ingredients all together. The benefit of purchasing organic makeup is that you avoid putting any harmful ingredients onto your skin.

• Vegan. Vegan makeup does not contain any ingredients derived from animals. Most brands that are cruelty free will also be vegan.

• Biodegradable formulas. Makeup that is made through these formulas ensure that they are capable of decomposing naturally. It does not contain plastic microspheres (they are used as exfoliants) that can end up in the sea and in the body of the fish. 



CDBeauty Cosmetics is a vegan, sustainable, eco-friendly luxury line of eyebrow products and makeup.  

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