What shape would eyebrows suit my face?

eyebrows shape

The number one thing that can change your look is your eyebrow shape. What are techniques do you need to know so that your brows are stunning, trending, and easy to work with?

For a softer, more blended look, I have the right tips handy. Well-groomed eyebrows can instantly lift your face, which is why it's essential to style your eyebrows as per the shape of your face.

Here are some top tips for determining the right eyebrow shape for you.

  1. Put the pencil on the side of your nose and hold the tip angled at the inner corner of your eye. Where the pencil tip touches the brow line is the beginning of your eyebrow and you should start from there.
  2. Next, position the pencil on the side of your nose, over the eye, and towards the point where it hits the brow bone. That's your brow arch.
  3. Finally, position the pencil on the edge of your nose and place it parallel with the outer corner of your eye. That will form the end of your eyebrow.

Should your eyebrow color match your hair?

Thinner eyebrows call for the idea of coloring them since they stop resembling the color of our hair. But should we really color our eyebrows?

Well, the aim is to look natural and appropriate. For example, if your hair is steel grey, and your eyebrows are dark, the combination looks flattering!

However, if the blonde in your brows turns into a dirty yellow blonde shade, it might be worthwhile to brighten them up.

Your brows and your hair color must not clash as a rule of thumb. So, if you color your hair red, you might want to have your brows a fantastic brown, and if your hair is blonde and your brows are silver, it looks pretty and in sync.

What's the Best Way to Fill in Eyebrows?

eyebrows shape
There are three ways to fill in brows: a cream or liquid/gel, a powder shadow, or a pencil. 

A pencil is a beautiful and simple way to fill in brows. First, be sure to use short strokes to match your natural hair. For a more natural look, use your finger to blend it in.

CD Beauty NYC’s Pro Skinny Brow Pencil has a calligraphy tip on one end and brush on the other to create tailor-made strokes from thin to wide for definitive, Christopher Drummond eyebrows.

Eyeshadow is an easy-to-use method to fill in brows as well. 

Explore these ideas to shape and color your brows and see what works best for you. Whatever your choice, I hope this has been helpful!

My Brow Grooming Tips, Live!

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