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All About Thinning Eyebrows
 Causes of thinning eyebrows Even though heavy-handedness with a set of tweezers is a major cause of thin eyebrows, sparse hair on your brow line may not be your fault. Several conditions can contribute to the appearance of thinning eyebrows:...
The Best Natural Brow Growth Product

Superfruit Brow Serum was created by esthetician, pro brow and microblading artist Christopher Drummond. Our new Organic Eyebrow Growth SERUM has everything you need: Healing, skin-firming ingredients that help grow longer, thicker brows.  See results in two weeks.  Full results in 60 days!

Our scientifically proven formula treats your brows differently than other brow products.  Our formula is about delivering power-packed phytoplankton nutrients to the hair and skin of the brows, to create the optimum results.