Expert Christopher Drummond

Christopher Drummond


With over 24 years as a professional makeup artist, Christopher Drummond has gained a reputation for enhancing his client’s natural beauty with makeup, skincare, eyebrow microblading, and more. 

Christopher started his career in the beauty industry as a model. With his love of skincare, cosmetics and eyebrows, he went on to become a licensed medical esthetician and worked in Miami and NYC for 13 years. Now Christopher is based out of New York and works out of the office of acclaimed dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, at the PFrankMD Skin Salon in the Upper East Side of New York. Some of his celebrity clients include; JLO, Halle Berry, Brooke Shields, Kerry Washington, Jane Fonda, Glenn Close, and January Jones, to name a few. 

Christopher is the founder and CEO of CD Beauty NYC and CD Brows. With his vast knowledge, Christopher has become an influential teacher and YouTube guru with over 1 million views on his channel, CD Beauty NYC. Christopher was one of the first practitioners of microblading in the United States. He is also a leader in micro-pigmentation application with specialization in eyebrow microblading, permanent eyeliner, semi-permanent lip-stick or lip stains as well as scar camouflaging. 


CD Beauty NYC is Christopher’s breakthrough makeup line, a relaunch of his previous cosmetics line, Christopher Drummond Beauty. CD Beauty NYC is a clean and cruelty-free makeup line with products that feel luxurious, look amazing, and last all day. Christopher believes that clean makeup helps to promote healthier, better-looking skin. By providing clients and customers with clean, eco-friendly and natural makeup, Christopher is fulfilling his own personal quest for healthy, wearable, long-lasting cosmetics. All CD Beauty NYC products have been approved by the strict government cosmetic entities the EU and Health Canada.